We are members of VietUnity-Bay Area and VietUnity-Los Angeles. We are activists and organizers committed to the struggle for global peace, justice, and self-determination. We work towards transformative social change to heal from all forms of oppression through organizing, education, art and culture, and collective action.

We are deeply troubled and angered by the Trump administration and are witnessing increased violence in a multitude of forms: an emboldened white supremacist movement; immigrant communities facing deportation; refugees unable to access safety; repression of indigenous peoples protecting their lands from police and corporations; residents of Flint, Michigan unable to drink their own water; sexual assault survivors watching known violators take power; targeting of the Muslim community; almost daily a Black or Brown life killed or harmed in an act of willful hatred; attempts to control womxns’ autonomy over their own bodies; and queer and trans people harassed and murdered. And these atrocities are intensifying daily under the new administration.

As part of the Vietnamese community, we look at this moment as a call to action to join a growing resistance against a political system that thrives on us being silent about our oppression and forces us to assimilate to an exploitative capitalist economy, a political system that asks us to respect “democratic” values even while it continually denigrates our rights at home and the rights of others around the world.

For decades, the Vietnamese community has been defined by others as “good” refugees forever indebted to the US as a symbol of the “model minority”; and our community has often reinforced this. We believe these narratives erase the hxstory of US imperialism in Southeast Asia and on-going struggles of our community, as well as divides us from other communities of color that have been an integral part of our existence. We believe it is critical to challenge the idea of “good” vs. “bad” refugees, immigrants, etc. to better connect our shared hxstories, traumas, and experiences.

VietUnity is deeply rooted in movements from Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and LGBTQ communities in the US that continue to fight for community autonomy and liberation in the face of government-sanctioned repression. We commit to protecting those who are disproportionately targeted — Muslims, Black people, immigrants, refugees, and undocumented people, people living with disabilities, womxn of color, trans people, and queer people — as well as protect our planet, which we depend on for cultural survival. We will continue to align with current efforts, including the Movement for Black Lives, NoDAPL, and NoBanNoWall, to dismantle institutions of power that have gripped our communities and our pathways to justice. And we will continue to organize ourselves and with other communities to uplift all our struggles and triumphs to imagine and build new possibilities where all life — people and planet — is respected and allowed to thrive.

In solidarity, in struggle,

VietUnity-Bay Area & VietUnity-Los Angeles

For more information, please contact VietUnity-Bay Area at vietunity.bay@gmail.com and VietUnity-Los Angeles at vietunity.losangeles@gmail.com.

PDF version: vietunity-statement


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