UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who contributed and shared our fundraising campaign! With strong community support, within just ONE DAY we successfully raised the amount needed to cover filing fees for immigration forms for an Alameda County Vietnamese family at risk of deportation. We are grateful for being able to take this action to provide them potential relief as they fight their case. And we continue to ground ourselves in this work as we anticipate more Vietnamese families in the Bay Area reaching out to us in need of deportation defense. Thank you so much for supporting VietUnity East Bay! Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date.


On behalf of a Vietnamese family of four and of mixed-status (i.e. within the family, there is a U.S. citizen), VietUnity East Bay is asking for community support and your help! Please consider being a part of this family’s potential chance of remaining together in the U.S. by contributing to their filing fees. We have 3 days to raise $1700 in order to submit their USCIS (immigration) forms in a timely manner. Your donation can go a long way, including a lifelong impact. Thanks in advance for your support and efforts in fighting against the deportation of our community members.

From an impacted family member: “Receiving financial support in this difficult time my family and I are facing would be a blessing. To be able to be together with my family for just a few moments longer means the world to me. Please do what you can to help my family who have never asked for anything before this trouble has been brought to our lives.”

Support this family today!

What is going on?
Right now, 1 in 15 Vietnamese people are undocumented and 10,000+ Vietnamese people have removal orders, while ICE continues to aggressively sweep the country to detain more and more people. VietUnity East Bay is part of a national coalition working on deportation defense, and through our efforts we have received over 80 calls from Vietnamese people throughout the country who are concerned about how they may get deported back to Vietnam. We have been working closely with local Bay Area families for their deportation defense. This includes supporting families in conjunction with immigration attorneys to pursue opportunities that may provide relief and can allow families to remain together in the U.S.

Learn more about what is happening to our community: Deportations of Vietnamese, Cambodians leave Bay Area Asian immigrants shaken (Mercury News) and Advocates Warn Vietnamese-American Community of Possible Immigration Detentions (NBC Asian America)

How you are supporting
The filing fees for USCIS (immigration) forms that can potentially pave a path towards relief for our Vietnamese family in Alameda County is $535/person–and there are 3 of them. That’s a total of $1605. This is a great amount for a family who just lost one income due to having a family member be taken away for detention by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), high living costs in the Bay Area, and limited job opportunities due to status. The rest of the amount for the $1700 fundraising goal accounts for transaction fees through WePay (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction). In the best case scenario that we meet and exceed our goal, funds in excess will go towards future legal aid for this family who is currently receiving support from a pro bono lawyer. We also anticipate further financial need from other families requiring deportation defense in the Bay Area.

Who we are
VietUnity is a collective of progressive Vietnamese organizers and activists who work towards social justice for the Vietnamese community in the U.S. through grassroots organizing efforts since 2004. Our East Bay chapter is currently focused on organizing against the unjust deportation of our community members. We are working with youth, families, and advocates to strengthen our defense. We will fight this issue by raising awareness in our community and providing trainings and resources for folks to get direct support. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date.

If you would prefer to give a tax-deductible donation, or are eligible for a corporate match through your workplace, please consider donating directly to VietUnity.

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