VietUnity envisions  building a strong grassroots organization to bring Vietnamese people together with the goal of working on local issues while making the connections to a broader system, and to a larger multi-racial and multi-class movement for social justice.

Our Mission:

VietUnity is committed to the struggle for global peace, justice, and self-determination. Through alliance building, education, organizing, and collective action we work for positive social change and against all forms and systems of oppression.

We support the leadership of Vietnamese youth, workers, and families to improve their lives and organize for justice. We promote a progressive voice within the Vietnamese community.

We came together in the winter of 2004 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a response to the needs for a progressive/radical voice and presence in the Vietnamese American community. Individually we were working in different movements and communities but felt that we needed to begin working together to build our collective power.

Points Of Unity:

  • We believe in the self-determination of Vietnamese people within the United States and in Viet Nam, and stand in solidarity with people’s struggle for self-determination.
  • We believe in serving and organizing for the rights of the most oppressed in our communities, including the poor and working poor, immigrants, incarcerated people, queers, and women. We believe that our communities will become stronger when we are united and organized to fight for our rights.
  • We believe that the system of imperialism that we currently live under (that is a system where a small elite group of people benefit from and maintain power through violence, exploitation, and a colonial structure of classism, racism, and patriarchy) needs to be challenged and dismantled in order for our people to be free.
  • We believe that it is important for VietUnity members to be constantly engaging in a process of study, summation, skills development, critical self-reflection, and applying this knowledge to our political work.

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