Please join us for our Autumn Party Picnic and Music Workshop led by BoomShake happening on October 5th at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater from 3-6pm!! RSVP here for our party–to learn more about what’s next for VietUnity, and how to get plugged in.
vietunity east bay autumn party.png
What: It will be a potluck and music workshop with BoomShake–a QTPOC collective of drummers who come out to actions all over the Bay Area to bring music, rhythm, joy, healing through music!!
Who: VietUnity members, interested progressive Viet organizers, and any Viet friends!!
When: Oct 5th, Saturday! from 3-6pm. Drumming workshop will be around 4:30-6pm.
WhereLake Merritt Amphitheater (Between 12th Street and 1st Ave., Lake Merritt Blvd, Oakland, CA 94612)
Why: This summer, we hosted a three month long reading group that wrapped up last week and we now want to celebrate all of the learning and growing together before we move to our next big surprise. We can’t wait to tell you about it at our party!

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