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Summer 2014

In 2013-2014, VietUnity and HBT Norcal are in a strategic planning stage.  Look out for HBT Socal’s program for summer 2014.

 More information about the stages of HBT here.

Norcal HBT School for Organizing- Applications 2013 NOW OPEN!

[Update as of April 7th: The application due date has been extended to Sunday, April 14th.]

Greetings Comrades!

We’re excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Norcal Hai Bà Trưng School for Organizing training 2013.  This is the first training of its kind in the Bay Area, hosted by VietUnity.

In order to successfully pull off this first year, we need your support!  Here are two ways how:

1) Donate: Contact

2) Help spread the word: Share the application link!

Norcal Hai Bà Trưng School for Organizing – June 2013
Named after two celebrated women warriors who led one of the Viet peoples’ first major revolts against colonialism, the Hai Bà Trưng School’s goal is to develop a base of progressive Vietnamese American organizers and activists. This training is designed so that participants will work to develop a progressive Viet identity, learn the basics of organizing theory and skills, connect to local Viet organizers, and work in the Vietnamese-American community.  The training will take place June 28th-30th in Oakland, CA.  To apply, please attach this application in an email to  First round of applications are due April 5th, 2013.

Welcome to VietUnity!

VietUnity envisions building a strong grassroots organization to bring Vietnamese people together with the goal of working on local issues while making the connections to a broader system, and to a larger multi-racial and multi-class movement for social justice.

Our Mission:
VietUnity is committed to the struggle for global peace, justice, and self-determination. Through alliance building, education, organizing, and collective action we work for positive social change and against all forms and systems of oppression.

What does VietUnity do?

    • We support the leadership of Vietnamese youth, workers, and families to improve their lives and organize for justice; and
    • promote a progressive voice within the Vietnamese community.


We came together in the winter of 2004 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a response to the needs for a progressive/radical voice and presence in the Vietnamese American community. Individually we were working in different movements and communities but felt that we needed to begin working together to build our collective power.

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